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How to steep loose leaf tea

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Whether you are drinking tea in the morning or in the evening, deciding on black tea or green tea, following these simple steps will ensure you will have the prefect cup of tea. They are rewarding, fun, and very easy.

  1. Always make sure you are in good spirits. If not head over to our monthly meditation and get in the groove.

  2. Now that you are ready, be sure to choose a tea that will fit the energy you are looking for. Head over to shop if you need ideas.

  3. Choose your water. The best tea experience requires fresh water like spring water. Tap water usually has different minerals or chemicals that can impact the flavor of your tea in a negative manner.

  4. Prepare your tea kettle or teapot. Start out with fresh cold water and let it come to a boil. For green tea stop right before complete boil to reduce cooking the leaves.***Remember if the water is too hot it will cause the tea to become flat.

  5. Keep your measurements balanced. First time using a tea infuser? No problem. Place the suggested tea amount in your infuser and make sure it is closed tightly. For every 8 oz use 1 to 1.5 teaspoon of loose-leaf tea. Each tea has it's very own suggested amount. Be sure to review.

  6. Steeping time is a personal choose but each tea has it's suggested steep times as well. Be sure to review. ***Over steeping your tea can cause bitterness.

  7. Tea is a personal experience. At this time, you can add sugar, milk, or cream to your liking.

  8. Our favorite part…

    • Take a moment to inhale the essence and energy of the tea. As you take in all the unique leaves, spices, and herbs, say to your self "I am strong. I am worthy  and I appreciate myself, my mind, body, and soul."

Cheers to happy sipping.

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