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Take 5 minutes for yourself...
You are worthy

Meditation by the Sea




to reflect; contemplate, or think.... a practice where a person focus their mind on a particular thought, or activity – creating attention and awareness; achieving mindfulness; to be mentally clear and emotionally at rest and in a stable state

Meditation is the perfect activity while you wait for your tea from our collection to steep to perfection. 

Scroll down for our monthly meditations.

 A message from Julaxis, our founder and creator,


Meditation has increased my mind’s flexibility and freedom to be able to process life in a rational head space. I am more aware of my thoughts and I am able to appreciate the little things in life. I enjoy being one with nature and experiencing its beauty and openness. All of my current habits have come from the foundation of what meditation is. It has helped me establish necessary boundaries and become more peaceful, focused, and attentive to what I allow in my life. No one is perfect and we are bound to make mistakes. It is how we deal and respond to those mistakes that make meditation so beautiful to indulge in.​​

  • I highly recommend you incorporating meditation into your daily habits. You can do something so simple as taking a few deep breaths through out the day or sitting in silence for at least two minutes. As you become more comfortable increase the amount of time you allow yourself to sit and connect.

  • First thing in the morning is always a good choice.

  • Please do not get caught up in how--- just do it. Find a comfortable spot--- on the floor, in a chair or in even in your car.

  • Check in with your self daily to see how you are feeling. Write it down if you need to.

  • Happy? Sad? Stressed? Over worked? Meditate...

  • Focus and count your breaths. If you feel your mind wondering, appreciate your thoughts and return your focus back to your breathing.

  • Be sure you always connect with the rhythm of your heart. The key to living is inspiration and love.

  • Become your best friend and stay connected to yourself.

  • Create a community of scared people in your life and join each other in guided meditation sessions.

  • Please note mediation isn’t always easy or fun but try to do it as often as possible to get the full benefit.

  • Most important thing is to trust yourself.

tea meditation

/tē/  /ˌmedəˈtāSH(ə)n/


a simple way to appreciate your cup of tea 


  • Make your tea from Ke'Miyah's Tea as you would do normally

  • Next, find a nice quiet & relaxing area to sit and indulge

  • Take a moment to give thanks for your tea, appreciate the essence and complete aroma of your tea... Sit for a minute or two

  • Now the main event... Let's Sip!!! Sip with mindfulness and gratitude... During this time focus on this moment of drinking your tea only

  • As you come to an end, give thanks again to yourself and what tea has done for you.

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